Where did they end up?

Hints And Tips

When answering the ArrivalMaps/RelationShips “Where did they end up?” question: Once your earliest-crossing relations arrived, they headed to some specific place that became their first residence in their New World. You or your family members may already know where that was, but if not, there are numerous ways to find out. You may also be able to make a good guess, even if you have no concrete information about your first-gen’s initial destination, from the extensive knowledge available about where immigrants from a given country and/or entering a given port ended up.

How Shown

In ArrivalMap/RelationShips product: The places to which the “first-gens” ultimately went after their voyage can be added to the Arrival Information text as the Destination. ###It may additionally be possible to outline or otherwise mark the state that was their first residence as well. See Product Anatomy

Gallery Examples

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If All Else Fails

You may not be able to determine the first-gen’s original destination with a great degree of certainty. But the secondary settlement routes of immigrats are quite well known, so the probable destinations can likely be inferred from a family’s country of origin and port of entry. But if all else fails, mention the general part of the country to which the first-gens probably moved.