About Us

Our Mission

Every family has a story, and all of us at jimaworks are passionate about helping you tell that story through our unique series of ArrivalMaps™ and Relationships™ products. Compose a beautiful, personalized, visual commemoration of your family’s sea crossing to America. Visit our product page to learn about the many ways you can tell your story and preserve your family’s history!

Jimaworks' RelationShips™ and ArrivalMaps™ product lines are devoted to the production of high-quality visual depictions of those episodes of a family's history that brought them across the seas to their new homelands. 

  • ArrivalMaps™ are maps tailored to the date and ports of departure and arrival of individual families.  Each displays a plaque commemorating who came over.
  • RelationShips™ are ArrivalMaps™ that include a 2D or 3D rendition of the ship that brought the family to their new homeland.

Our Product

Each depiction is customized per family and offered in multi-tiered product lines.

The final products are built from traditional maps and sourced from images of ships, or optionally from 3D prints of ships. The more traditional 2D products are delivered unframed or framed, and the 3D products are delivered in wall-mounted or stand-alone displays, depending on the product tier and the customizations requested by the customer.

The result is an attractive, high-fidelity rendering of the family’s transit to its new land and a fitting commemoration for all descendants to treasure.

Our Process

The jimaworks products depict sea stories. Each product tells a visual tale. The tales told in a RelationShips™ product tells the unique narrative of one individual's, one family’s, or one group’s crossing to their new home. Each starts with the main characters' origins and their ports of departure, and ends at their points of arrival and their destinations in the New World.

We locate these places geographically on one of several attractive styles of maps of the world. In addition, we locate the voyages temporally, providing maps that reflect the time of the crossing in history. We then custom-cut smaller map that, from among the many stories of these great migrations, covers just this particular story. We annotate the custom map with boldened names of the departure and the arrival ports, provide a visualization of the sea route between them that the subjects of the story would have taken, and label it with the family name the dates of the crossing.

An image of the ship of the crossing adds depth and beauty to the visualization in jimaworks’ RelationShips™ product line, while a map-only version is available as an ArrivalMap™. Jimaworks may have available to it several depictions of the ship of the crossing. These depictions may include reproductions of pictures, posters, paintings, prints, or illustrative drawings. They may, as well, include 2D graphics and 3D-printed renderings of the ship, and if a depiction of a particular ship is not otherwise available (or if a graphical depiction is specifically desired), jimaworks can create new graphical renderings of a ship from its research.

Jim Antonisse
Founder / CEO

Jim Antonisse is a first generation immigrant from the Netherlands. He "stepped off the boat" on July 7, 1958, arriving at the 5th Street Pier in Hoboken, NJ, aboard the Holland-America Line ship MS Maasdam. His exposure to the Netherlands' ship-loving culture, as well as his earlier and subsequent crossings of the Atlantic, led to an interest in ocean-going trade that has persisted to this day. It also led to a personal project to create a museum-quality model of the ship on which his family emigrated to America. Thinking that others might have a similar interest in that nautical episode of their family's history, he launched a company to promote commemorative displays of families' crossings to the New World.