Welcome to Jimaworks.

We build pictures.
The pictures we build tell stories.
We'll build you a picture of your story.
The story will depict your family's migration to America.

When purchasing this product, you buy a beautiful visual palate for telling a part of our history.  The palate was designed to tell the stories of families' first crossings to America.  If you chose to tailor one of these beautiful commemorations to the specifics of your family's history, you will be asked to:

  • Pick the look and feel of the commemoration. You will be literally framing your story to fit your own palate and decorative style.
  • Decide on the ship image for this depiction. Whether you know the ship travelled by your "first-gens" or not, you will evoke their voyage if you can pick an appropriate image for their crossing.  Or you can choose to execute a map-only commemoration.
  • Breath life into your history by detailing additional facts about the voyage. We prompt you for specific elements of the history, and any you can add will contribute towards a fuller evocation of this momentous event in your family's life.  

When we receive your order, we use the above information to prepare a set of depictions from which to choose.  If you chose one, we will produce it and deliver it to you.  We also distribute 20% of the price you pay to artists, foundations, and museums related to immigration and the peopling of America.  If you don't chose one, we will refund 100% of your purchase.

Below are some early examples of the RelationShips product. In the middle is the first order I built.  It was for my 95-year old mother, who was 36 when she and my father brought me, my sister, and my brother over on the ship depicted.  On the left is a slightly smaller version of same ship but without the seascape and with different frame. I composed this for my aunt, who came over with us.  On the right is my first try at a 3D-printed version. I built it for myself. This is, again, the same ship, the one I stepped off of in 1958.


Your product will be specific to your story.  It will be customized by you to tell of your ancestry’s crossing, their route, their names, their ships.  We hope you treasure it.