Product Anatomy

1. Picture your History.

(1) Set the Stage for Your Story.

Set the basic parameters of the story by setting the general geographical region, the time period, the likely sea lane that was used, and something about the ship if you know it.

(2) Decide Its Look and Feel.

Select the map style, frame, and size that suits your or your recipient's purposes and the taste.

(3) Make It Personal.

Personalize your story with any more specific information you might know or are able to find. That could include ship name, ports of departure and arrival, trip duration, people names, nicknames, ages, relations to each other, or any other details you would like to add

2. Place your order.

You have at this point specified the story you want and the way you want it to look, and you can add it to your cart.

The first $25 of your order is a non-refundable design charge for which you receive a set of pdfs (see below)

When you complete the order, we compose a virtual version of the product exactly as it will be delivered to you.

We then send you a pdf proof with at least two free variants for you to review. You get to see the exact product as you've specified it, choose a variant if it is of interest, make up to two further revisions, and make the final decision about your purchase.

We will not fill an order until you are completely satisfied with the product, and you have no further obligation, beyond the $25 you paid for generating your proof, if you choose not to continue.

3. Finalize your choice and we deliver

Once you notify us of your final choice, we produce the piece physically as specified, and we send you your individualized RelationShipsTM product

If you decide not to complete the order of if the deadline for completing the order passes, then the order is cancelled with no further obligation to you.