What country did they come from?

Hints And Tips

When answering the ArrivalMaps/RelationShips “What country did they come from?” question: Where was this "first-gen" originally from?

This is an American immigration story. These people emigrated from some specific place. Find out what country they from, and if possible, figure out what province, and maybe even what city, town, or village in that country they came from.

How Shown

In the ArrivalMaps/RelationShips product: The places from which the “first-gens” voyages came can be added to the Departure Information text as the Country of Origin. The country of origin may additionally be outlined or otherwise marked on the map as well. See Product Anatomy

Gallery Examples

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Not Sure How? Country of Origin Help

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If All Else Fails

You may not find much. But there is nonetheless a story there, and, if all else fails, you can at least guess at the geographical *region* of the name, e.g., Eastern Europe or Scandinavia. You can use such more general location names as easily as the more specific, nation names, as in the examples in the Gallery