What port did they leave from?

Hints And Tips

When answering the ArrivalMaps/RelationShips “What port did they leave from?” question: When your earliest-crossing relations came over, then came over from some specific port of departure. See if you can determine the port. For instance, you may know, may be able to determine, or may be able to infer the probable departure point from his/her country of origin and when the voyage was made. In the late 1800’s, for example, new railroads were being built from the ports of Hamburg and Bremen in Germany to the inland cities of Middle and Eastern Europe such as Warsaw. A first-generation American who came from Poland at that time is highly likely to have left through one of those two German ports.

How Shown

In ArrivalMap/RelationShips product: The places from which the “first-gens” voyages sailed (or flew) will be indicated by the starting point of the rendered route of the voyage, and will generally also be added to the Departure Information text as the Port Of Departure. See Product Anatomy

Gallery Examples

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Not Sure How? Departure Port Help

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If All Else Fails

You may not be able to determine the first-gen’s departure port with a great degree of certainty. But the routes of immigration are well known, so the most probable ports of departure can be inferred from a family’s country or region of origin. So if all else fails, simply pick a representative port in Northern Europe or the Mediterranean according to that name.