What made them leave their homeland?

Hints And Tips

When answering the ArrivalMaps/RelationShips “What made them leave their homeland?” question: Your earliest-crossing relations left their homelands and came over to a new world for some set of reasons that made sense in their time. You may have or be able to get a pretty good idea of why this part of your family came to America in the first place. If you so choose, your commemorative design may indicate our understanding of the impulse that brought them here.

How Shown

In ArrivalMap/RelationShips product: This can be added as part of the Commemoration Title text or perhaps the Plaque. It may even be added to the product insert that is shipped with the final product. But it is often omitted entirely without loss to the impact of the commemoration. See Product Anatomy

Gallery Examples

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Not Sure How? Why Help

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If All Else Fails

You may have little information of the original reasons for the first-gen’s departure from their original homeland. If you nonetheless want to note this, you might consider describing the reasons at a high level of generality. But if all else fails, this can be left out of the account.