When did they come over?

Hints And Tips

When answering the ArrivalMaps/RelationShips “When did they come over?” question: Your earliest-crossing relations came over at some specific point in historical time. Figure out when this trip was made and maybe even how long it took.

This might have to be an estimate – maybe you only know the decade and can just guess the length of the voyage, or maybe you actually know their arrival date and know exactly how long their trip took. Whatever you know, you can put into your commemoration.

How Shown

Your ArrivalMap/RelationShips product will be based on a custom map reflecting the historical period of the voyage. In addition, the dates of the “first-gens” voyages are usually listed on the commemorative title, but may alternatively or additionally be indicated in the plaque text. See Product Anatomy

Gallery Examples

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Not Sure How? When Help

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If All Else Fails

It may be difficult to obtain good accuracy for these dates. But if all else fails, you can just estimate the decade or even just denote the century of the crossing, and, similarly, just indicate an estimate of the length of the voyage instead, as in examples in the Gallery.