New Landing Page? - your relationship project

A RelationShips project tells a story.
Each consists of five Text Boxes for you to fill out.
Six Trip Visuals beautifully stage this bit of your history.

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Each of these TextBoxes will already be filled in for you and updated as you add information. The more information you provide, the more "yours" the product will become. And at the end, you can make it *completely* yours by purchasing it of course, but before that, also by further modifying it in any way you chose.

(This is a lot of information to collect, and you may not be able to find it all. But we pre-fill each element of information with stand-in, general text that you can use, as well as a rich set of hints and tips to guide you on how to show what you do know and what you don’t.)

(Moreover, you can always, at any time, use the SaveAndComeBackLater button, so you can go off and do some additional research before completing your project. When you do SaveAndComeBackLater, we save the state of your incomplete RelationShips project and send you a link which, when you click it, brings you back to the same place you left off, with your previous partially-complete information restored.)

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