Notice to Copyright Holders

Jimaworks finds, procures, and composes renderings of ships to help fulfill its role in commemorating people’s immigrant heritage.  The jimaworks RelationShips products depend, for their effectiveness as commemorations, on jimaworks’ ability to find, procure, or create high quality, digital, printable imagery, graphics, drawings, etc., of the maps, ship images, and other materials that comprise its products.

We are committed to paying fair value to the individual sources of our materials, and as well, to supporting group and organizational efforts that help maintain the health of and interest in those sources.  As such, jimaworks engages the following activities:

  • Jimaworks regularly donates to organizations such as Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation, the Steamship Historical Society of America, and other organizations with similar, immigration-ship-related charters, to support public interest in areas connected, as well, with jimaworks efforts.
  • Jimaworks offers trademark-collaboration partnerships to organizations in order to simultaneously expand the reach of jimaworks commemorations, and to share in the benefits of expanded reach with those who deliver it. This program provides from 12% up to 15% of the price of products as sold to participants.
  • Jimaworks’ offers a royalty program to any copyright holder whose imagery, graphics, drawings, etc., are featured as part of the jimaworks product. Any copyrighted image used in a jimaworks product earns 6% of the selling price of the product for the copyright holder.

Jimaworks process for determination of Copyright. 

When jimaworks uses a ship rendering in a commemorative product and the rendering is neither directly created, owned, or licensed by jimaworks, nor is known to be in the Public Domain because it is, e.g., pre-1924 photography, or artwork whose creator has been deceased for at least 70 years, or under a liberal use license, then jimaworks searches for indications of restrictions or permissions as follows: using image search services, jimaworks finds all identical copies of the images in question available on the web.  The numbers and details of the search results are then used by jimaworks either to procure permission for use of the image, or to make a judgement about the availability to the public of that image.

Join the jimaworks royalty program:

We respect the intellectual property of others and value the right of copyright-holders to benefit from their creative efforts.  If you are a copyright holder of an image, graphic, or drawing that you think would be of interest as part of people’s commemorations of their sea-crossing heritage, please consider offering it as an option within the jimaworks commemorative product framework.  As mentioned above, jimaworks currently offers a 6% royalty to participants in this program, and the royalty is calculated from the full actual-sell price of the product.  Note that submitted images (etc.) will compete in the customer marketplace with other images, but successful images will garner an initially small but potentially significant revenue stream for the provider of the imagery.

Claiming Copyright Infringement:

If you feel that, in attempting to fulfill our intention of commemorating the peopling of America, your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please contact us with your complaint.

The proper form for such a complaint has been defined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (see the US Copyright Office website).  To submit a complaint that is in accordance with DCMA guidance, you must provide a written communication that sets forth the items specified below. Please note that if you falsely claim that control the copyrights and/or that jimaworks is infringing upon it copyright(s), you will be liable for damages including attorneys' fees.  Therefore, please consult an attorney before filing a complaint if you are not sure whether jimaworks has actually made a copyright violation.

If you still believe a copyright infringement has occurred, please take the following steps or their equivalents in order to prepare a DCMA-compliant request:

  1. Identify the copyrighted work or works you believe have been infringed. 
  2. Provide your mailing address, phone number and email address. 
  3. Include the following statement or its equivalent in your notice:
    • "I am making a good faith claim that the jimaworks use of the copyrighted material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law (for example, as a fair use), and I am the owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright that I am claiming is being infringed."
  4. Include your full legal name and your electronic or physical signature (for example, by typing your full name).
  5. Send the above information to our designated copyright agent

We will respond as expeditiously as possible.  The email address of our copyright agent is