Choose a format for your RelationShips delivery

A digital, printable copy of your RelationShips commemoration:
Everything from "Pdf it" plus:
Everything from "Print it" plus:
  • Your current choice plus at least two bonus variants
  • You may request up to two revisions for your variant
  • Make as many prints as you like
  • 300ppi resolution for Gem-sized display
  • Includes mat printed borders with printed plaque
  • Includes jimaworks RelationShip emblem
  • A uniquely-identified, personalized print of your commemoration
  • Printed on acid-free museum-quality artist paper
  • Printed in vibrant, non-fading colored ink
  • Previewed by you through a .pdf proof (see "Pdf it")
  • From the proof set, you chose which variant you like best
  • Upon your approval we print and ship
  • The final will be printed at 300ppi resolution
  • It will include the printed mat borders and printed plaque
  • The Jimaworks RelationShip emblem of the proof will be replaced by:
    • a unique identifier that states the number of this print
    • the unique identifier also states the number in the sequence of this ship
    • my initials that will be individually signed specifically for your print
  • Guarantee: we refund up to the cost of the .pdf if you are not satisfied
  • We frame it in the frame you specify
    • your print is double matted using a bevelled SandStone mat with Chinese Red trimming
    • The frame is natural wood
    • the glazing is UV-protective acrylic plexiglass
    • the plaque inset into the mat. It is gold-colored metal etched to your specifications
  • Guarantee: we refund up to the cost of the .pdf if you are not satisfied