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Congratulatons on completing the specification of your relationship's crossing to America!
Once we process your payment jimaworks will prepare your RelationShips® product to your specifications and send a pre-print for your review.
You may then approve it for production, request a change, or cancel the order for a full refund.
Upon approval (or after three weeks if we receive no response - an assumed approval) - we will proceed with the physical production of your commemoration.
This page provides options by which you may, if you desire, more fully specify the event you are commemorating, more closely style the product to your taste, and more intimately personalize it to the specific history you are depicting.
Note that the preview images we provide on the website are merely notional.
However, once you complete your order jimaworks will prepare a superior, artificially refined RelationShips® product to your specifications.
We will then send you a fully accurate electronic version of your final product for approval, or indeed for cancellation with a full refund if that is your wish.

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