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Map, Route, and Plaque Personalized to Family Immigration Event

*ArrivalMaps are offered framed or unframed.  Framed maps are double matted, inset with a bronze plaque, UV glazed, and in a black or mahogany frame.


Resources ROUTE:

If you know the port of departure, and it is not listed, please enter it below:

If you know the port of arrival, and it is not listed, please enter it below:

Resources PLAQUE:

Please list the information you would like to memorialize on the plaque.
You may use our example below as a guide, or create your own format. Some examples of information you may want to include:
  • just a name
  • first and last name(s)
  • full formal name(s)
  • full name(s) plus nickname(s)
  • any of the above plus the age of the ancestor during the crossing
  • relations to others during the crossing
  • Consider adding:
    • the name of the ship they took, and possibly the shipping line
    • the departure port and the date of departure
    • the arrival port and the date of arrival