Your RelationShips Ship

Choose a ship from 1000's of available ship images:
Specify an exact ship that jimaworks itself prepares:
Skip the ship. Just prepare an "Arrival Map" of the crossing:
  • Select a ship for your Crossing which is typical of those Times and that Route
  • Your ship options will initially be ordered by the most probable ship
  • You can re-arrange the ordering in various ways to make your selection easier
  • Your ship will be mounted on a beautiful, commemoratively annotated map (see "Skip the Ship" for details)
  • Your selection will be part of a product that you will be able to order in electronic form to print yourself, in printed form, or framed
  • The product sizes are Gem-Sized (if you have many family names whose crossing you need to put on the wall:), Small, Medium, and Large
  • (Note: Copyright holders of ship images receive royalties from jimaworks)
  • Specify exactly what ship you want for your commemoration
  • Jimaworks researches its history and its appearance at the time of the crossing being commemorated.
  • Jimaworks prepares a 3-sided view of the ship from that research, and offers the side view in its "2D RelationShips" product
  • Jimaworks then prepares a 3D-printable model of the ship, and offers it in its "3D RelationShips" product
  • The ordered product is mounted on a beautiful, commemoratively annotated map (see "Skip the Ship" for details)
  • Each of the jimaworks-created ship products is uniquely identified by print ID, including the ship name and its print date
  • Each such product is initialized by jimawork's founder and chief architect
  • Each commemoration product is, needless to say, completely unique. We believe its value will increase over time.
  • Forego a ship image and just show the historical and maritime context for the event
  • The map will show how the world looked at the time of the crossing
    • But you may choose to display using a contemprary map instead
    • Or you may decide you don't want historical boundaries at all, and want an a-historical background
  • Whatever you decide, you will have a beautiful map display
    • But if it doesn't match your livingroom palate, you may select a different map style
    • Five styles are available, and for selected historical eras, maps of the time may be requested
    • Finally, if specific geo-political areas are of interest, they may be custom-ordered