1. Your Relationships Project

The RelationShip and ArrivalMap products focus specifically on commemorating your "First Gens" - those who made thee oceanic crossings that planted your family in America. These products are personalized and specific. They will take a bit of effort for you to fully specify (and for jimaworks to prepare).

Your part of this project will require completing three steps:

Step 1: You provide some historical context for the commemoration
Step 2: You choose a look and feel that suits your needs and tastes
Step 3: You personalize the product.

When you are satisfied that you have specified your commemoration to your liking, you place the order. The first $20 of your order buys you a very close facsimile*, in pdf, of the final product for your approval.
*(it is watermarked, at a lower image density than your final print, without its unique print ID, and without my final initials - but it will look great:)