About You

Create a visual tale of your family’s history by answering the RelationShips questions.  (Download and fill in this worksheet to help you remember your answers when you order your product)

When you finish marshaling this information, you have your story*.
It may be specific, or it may be general.
In either case, you have information of an event that was a turning point in your family line.
With that, you’re ready to make a beautiful display of a turning point in your family history


*Your journey in building your commemoration is unlikely to be trivially easy.  But we have been building this site to help where we can.  These pages provide hints and tips, resource pages, and suggestions of how to fill in missing or uncertain parts of the picture. They are in all instances intended help you formulate your story in the best possible way.  We will continue to add pointers, suggestions, resources, and tools for the job, and any suggestions are most welcome - contact us.