The Relationships Product

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Buying a jimaworks RelationShips product:

The RelationShips product focuses specifically on commemorating those who made oceanic crossings and planted their families in America.

Each of these products is personalized and specific to what you know/can find out about your crossing. Each will take a bit of effort for you to fully specify and for jimaworks to prepare before your creation is ready to hang on a wall and do its good work. Some elements of the project are fairly information-intensive, but no matter what level of knowledge you have of the crossing you are commemorating, you will be able to make the project reflect the honor and appreciation you give this event.

Your part of this project will require completing three steps:

Step 1: You provide some historical context for the commemoration

Step 2: You choose a look and feel that suits your needs and tastes

Step 3: You personalize the product.

When you are satisfied that you have specified your commemoration to your liking, you place the order.

With the first $20 of the order, jimaworks prepares a proof with at least two variations of the product as you have specified it. These proofs include the historically accurate map corresponding to your commemorative event, the ship (if any*) that you have chosen for the display, and the custom text elements that individualize the product to your specific case.

Jimaworks will send .pdfs of the proofs to the email address you have provided. At that point you may simply accept one of the options we have provided, or, if you desire, request a round of modifications. You may also of course decline the options, at which point we will refund your order minus a $20 service charge for preparing your options. (We will assume you have declined the options if you do not respond within two weeks of receiving your personalized proofs).

We are pleased that you are visiting this website and hope you find our products of value in preserving and honoring the specifics of your Armerican identity. We hope furthermore that you will make a RelationShips purchase to help us memorialize the great migrations which are such a fundamental component of our shared American heritage.